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Online Marketing Package (Blaze)

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Web address to promote?

Enter your website address here. Don’t have a website? See our Custom Website Packages starting at $34 a month or you can use a YouTube channel, Facebook page, Twitter, etc…

Web address description?

Please give us a description that describes the web address you want us to promote.

Keyword Suggestions?

Keywords are the search phrases that you’re trying to be found for online when people are searching. For example a plumbing business in Phoenix, Arizona would want something like “Phoenix Plumbing Services”.

Keyword Phrase?

Any content we create to promote your keywords will be themed around your “Keyword phrase”. Keyword phrase may also be one of your “Keyword Suggestions”.

Where can we learn more?

Please give one web address where we can research the subject matter of your brand or business.


  • No “Brick and Mortar” required (Physical storefronts, shops, etc…)
  • Have your target audience find YOU when they search online
  • Increases traffic to your website
  • Get discovered on major search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing)
  • Adds potential call volume and email inquires
  • Helps get you exposure from online traffic
  • Great way to jumpstart and create your online presence!
  • Monthly reports of services provided


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